Heating your home to suit you with the Evohome

24th Feb 2014 2 minute read

Technology in the home is becoming increasingly popular, and why wouldn’t it? Anything that will make life a little easier and more efficient is a must have for a busy household and now we are excited to introduce Honeywell’s latest product the Evohome multi-zone system, a sophisticated heating system that is energy efficient and will save you money on your bills.

Heating zones

The evohome system allows you to create and individually control up to 12 heating zones in your home. Each zone has its own independent time and temperature control – so if you want your lounge cosy warm by the time you get in from work, without paying to warm the unused areas of your home, then this is the perfect device.

The controller can act on its own as a room thermostat and Zone names can be added to match the actual property and then controlled as multi-room areas or single-room zones.

Simple to use

The programmer is simple to use, with a touch screen control, allowing you to quickly gain control of exactly where and at what time the property should be heated. However, with a modern twist, the system can be remotely accessed via a tablet or smart phone app – so if you’re on your way home from a winter getaway, you can turn your heating on when you’re in the taxi!

This is also a great system for commercial spaces, such as doctors surgeries and offices and zoning solutions can be designed for the simplest of layouts.

Installation without disruption

Many people do not consider changing their heating system if it is working satisfactorily, as of course the disruption of a change with potential damage to decor, fixtures and fittings can put people off. However, with the Evohome, multiple temperature sensing devices can be installed around the property without altering any existing pipe work. The radiator controllers are also wireless, omitting the need for any draining down of radiators.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important factor when choosing a heating system and Honeywell has really got this covered. The screen will show energy efficiency messages, with each zone’s temperature being colour coded to show potential over or under set temperatures.

Custom Heat will be offering this new revolutionary heating system within the next few weeks, so watch this space!

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