Hydrogen Boiler Installation

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Our highly skilled experienced engineers will be able to easily install hydrogen boilers thanks to our partnership with Hydrogen boiler research lead and manufacturer, Worcester Bosch.

What are hydrogen boilers?

Hydrogen boilers are just like normal boilers, but more environmentally friendly than natural fuel boilers and have greater efficiency, so you use less fuel and help to reduce your carbon footprint. 

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How Do Hydrogen Boilers work?

Hydrogen boilers work the same way that normal boilers do, running on Hydrogen gas instead of natural gas or oil. They have a similar build and footprint to a normal boiler, which means our qualified engineers can fit your new hydrogen boiler without a problem.

Frequently asked questions about Hydrogen Boilers

No. Hydrogen boilers do not have a fuel store like normal boilers do, so there is very low risk associated with them. It is not safe to have any source of ignition near a boiler of any kind.

It is not yet possible to purchase a 100% Hydrogen ready boiler, however research suggests that they will be available in the coming years. Some boilers are available with a Hydrogen mix, however they do not offer the same lowered environmental impact as a full Hydrogen boiler will. 

Hydrogen produces heat when burned in the same way that natural fuels do, however it does not create any by-products other than water. Hydrogen boilers utilise this when heating your home. 

By 2025, all gas boilers will no longer be installed and renewable systems will be installed into newly built homes. There are a number of renewable options to choose from. We recommend you still have your boiler checked and replaced if needed before 2025. 

Want to future proof your heating?

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