Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Technology Installation

Whether you’re considering solar panels for your business or residential property, our team of highly experienced engineers have the knowledge and skill to deliver a clean, green energy solution.

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    What is Solar PV and how does it work?

    Solar photovoltaic (PV) is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the world – and for good reason. With solar panels installed, businesses and homeowners can power their properties using the limitless energy of the sun, saving money and reducing carbon: even when it’s cloudy.

    Clean, cost effective and green – over 100,000 households in the UK have solar panels, each saving on average hundreds of pounds on their annual electricity bills. 

    Our team of experienced solar PV fitters are fully trained to deliver everything from small domestic installations to large scale commercial properties covering thousands of square feet – all as part of our extended renewable energy offering.

    Benefits of Solar PV

    1. More control over your energy bills – less reliance on fossil fuels
    2. Ability to save money by selling unused energy back to the Grid
    3. Fits to the property’s roof without impacting its structure while increasing the property value
    4. Use alongside other renewable energy technologies to offset even more carbon 
    5. Add battery storage to reduce the reliance on using electricity from the Grid
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    For maximum effectiveness, solar PV has to be installed correctly with your property’s position, age and size in mind. Give us a call to ensure maximum return on investment.

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