Solar Powered Heating Installation

Our team of highly experienced engineers have the experience and skill to fit solar heating to your home or business as part of our renewables offering.

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What is Solar Thermal and how does it work?

Solar Thermal is a type of solar panel that can be used to heat water and central heating in your home. The panel gathers energy from the sun and uses it to heat water, in a much more environmentally friendly way than standard gas, electric or oil heating.

Solar panels are typically fitted on the roof of a building to absorb as much sunlight as possible, and emit absolutely no harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Benefits of Solar Thermal

  1. Solar Thermal is a renewable energy source
  2. Solar Thermal can reduce electricity bills
  3. Low maintenance costs
  4. Reduces carbon footprint
  5. Improves the value of property
  6. Combats rising electricity costs

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To assess your eligibility for Government funding for the Domestic RHI Scheme you’ll need to give us a call to discuss your current home heating needs.

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If you are eligible, you can check out how much funding you could be entitled to.

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How to get started with Solar Thermal

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FAQs on Solar Thermal

Yes. Solar Thermal generates heat by heating up water using the sun’s energy, which can then be used in your central heating system.

On average, you need 1 Square metre of solar thermal panel per person in the household. Depending on the size of the household and how many people are within, it usually means one panel is suitable for a smaller home and a couple for a larger one, however, this will vary so it’s best to speak to a professional.

Solar Thermal is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of renewable energy. Solar thermal panels are incredibly efficient even compared to PV panels and consumers might find that they can pay themselves off in less than 10 years in savings and can increase the value of a home when selling on. 

Solar panels tend to come with a warranty of around 5-10 years*, however they should typically last up to 25 years running efficiently. Solar Thermal panels require very little maintenance so running costs are incredibly low.

*Renewable Energy Hub UK

Solar thermal generally costs between £3,000 – £6,000 including installation costs. This differs across providers and installers, and how much you’re having fitted. There are numerous government grants for renewables that may help to subsidise or cover this cost. Get in touch if you’d like a quote for Solar Thermal fitting.

Yes – they will have slightly lower output, but solar thermal panels will still work efficiently in winter and colder temperatures. 

Both types of solar panel generate heat – whoever, PV panels do this by generating electricity, and Thermal does this by heating water directly for your system.

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