Getting your Oil Boiler Serviced or Repaired

24th Jan 2020 3 minute read


Why should i get my oil boiler serviced and how much should it cost?

According to OFTEC and the boiler manufacturers your oil fired boiler should be serviced once every 12 months, but what is a oil boiler service?

During a Service the appliance should be inspected, cleaned and components replaced such as the nozzle or oil line hoses. If your appliance is not serviced annually, it is at a higher risk of breaking down and costing you more money in the long run with faults and repair bills.

Cleaning the appliance allows the technician the chance to look for other tell-tale signs that parts of the appliance may need replacing, and an opportunity to inspect the combustion chamber for the condition of the material and welds.

Old steel heat exchangers will often leave rust marks and can be obvious to see damage or issues, which can give a warning that the appliance will soon need to be replaced. This approach can limit the possibility of water damage occurring and enables replacement work to be planned rather than having the inconvenience of trying to arrange an appliance replacement at short notice when a heat exchanger unexpectedly fails.


The cost to service a oil boiler can vary from one company to the next and each company will provide a different service relative to the price charged. Prices typically start around £100 for an oil boiler service and anything up to £250 if parts are required or if time is needed to remove soot within the main heat exchanger. Prices at Custom Heat for an oil boiler service start at £120. The cost to repair an oil boiler can vary too. Most professional businesses will charge a fee to call out to diagnose a fault with your oil boiler, don’t be put off by a fee as some businesses who advertise “no call out charge” don’t work for free so will build these fees into their prices, after all, no one goes to work for free.

New Oil Boilers

Installing a new oil boiler could save money on fuel and produce less c.o which is better for the environment. The costs typically range between £2,800 to £5,000 depending on if you are changing to a combination boiler from a tank type system or if you are looking to upgrade controls and thermostatic valves. Another significant difference in fitting a new oil boiler would be the addition of new controls which could save anywhere between 6 & 10% on a fuel bill and adding smart controls such as the Nest, Hive or the Bosch Easy will help to achieve a more efficient and environmentally friendly home. To top it off a new Worcester Bosch boiler fitted by Custom Heat will come with a 7 year parts and labour guarantee.

If you are looking for a new oil boiler, a oil boiler service or a oil boiler repair in Rugby, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Northamptonshire, Stratford-upon Avon, Coventry, Nuneaton, Lutterworth or the surrounding areas please get in touch as we can offer some free help and advice and a quotation if required.


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