Can I Call Out A Plumber During Lockdown?

05th Apr 2020 2 minute read

What can Plumbers do under Lockdown and what are we doing to make our visit as safe as possible?

As the lockdown is now fully underway, we are having many customers ask if we are still able to call out, and if so, what are we still able to do during the current lockdown rules.

The short answer is Yes, you can still call out a plumber during the lockdown period so long as its for an emergency repair or maintenance. For example, if you have a gas or water leak then it’s perfectly acceptable to call a plumber out, other reasons might be, you have no heating or hot water, or need a new boiler fitting, all of these jobs are classed as essential and so plumbers are able to call out to you.

For general work such as boiler services, general boiler or central heating works, bathroom upgrades and non essential plumbing work then this type of work would need to be carried out when the lockdown period has ended or when advised by the Government.

Can I still get a quote?

Again, the simple answer is Yes, We offer video quotes which are proving very popular at the moment. We can call you at a time and day convenient to you, in the day or evening, and carry out a visit with zero risk. If a video quote is not an option for you, we are still able to provide a quotation by visiting your home but the same rules as above apply, we can visit during lockdown if it’s an emergency situation such as a new boiler that needs replacing or any quotes which relate to no heating or hot water, or a Gas, Water or Oil leak. All quotations are free so please free to get in touch or book online at the top of the website.

Making visits safe

During our emergency visits, our engineers and plumbers will wear facemasks, gloves and goggles where needed. We kindly request customers follow the social distancing rules and allow the engineers a minimum of 2m space at all times.

If you have any concerns around Care Plans, visits, or boiler service visits to keep the boiler guarantee, then please feel free to get in touch.

Lincoln Smith

Custom Heat Ltd



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