Reduce your Carbon Footprint with an Air Source Heat Pump

22nd Apr 2020 3 minute read

Climate Control for the home

For years we have ended up with homes too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, wouldnt it be perfect if you could control a room temperature in a similar way to climate control in your car.

With our newly installed systems, not only will you benefit from being able to set a room temperature, and regardless of the external air temperature the unit will either heat or cool so its a doddle to control a room temperature regardless of how hot or cold it is.

If you are considering having an air to air heat pump installed there are some things to consider, such as the cost, the location of the external unit, the noise it might generate to neighbours and how you want to control the system. With advances in technology you can now have the air source unit connected to a Smart Thermostat meaning you can control the heating from anywhere, especially if its a boiling hot day, you can check in and see how cool the room or building is before you get home. The units are classed as whisper quiet so there shouldn’t be an issue with noise and there are many options on siting the outdoor unit. You can have the outdoor unit wall mounted or floor standing and it will need a free area around it to allow for a good movement of air.

Ideal installation

  • Conservatory
  • Bedrooms
  • Whole house installations possible
  • Annex
  • Garden Office
  • Any area that you want on demand climate control


  • More efficient form of cooling and heating than direct electric
  • Less disruptive to install on a retrofit basis
  • Useful for homes where rooms are only used occasionally
  • Over 300% efficient
  • Easy to instal and maintain

To be able to instal an Air to Air heat pump the installer must be F-Gas qualified meaning they can safely handle the gasses within the unit. Custom Heat are F-Gas qualified and also Part P registered to wire the unit and produce a safety certificate.

Ongoing After Care

We offer a full range of services and packages for Air Source heat pumps. If you would like your heat pump serviced and maintained on an installation we have not carried out then please get in touch for a quote for the service work. We also offer Care Plans meaning we can cover your Air Source Heat Pump for any failures, which also can include an annual service and cover on the rest of the system pipework, radiators, valves and controls.


We also offer a range of Finance on a air to air heat pump meaning you could have one installed from £19 a month.

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Lincoln Smith

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