Boiler care plans – preparing for life’s little hurdles 

30th May 2022 4 minute read

The cost of living is climbing, which means there is an undeniable need to mitigate the risk of big expenses.  If there’s one thing that could really throw you off, it’s the unexpected cost of a boiler breakdown and subsequent repair or replacement. 

Servicing and maintaining your boiler is the only way to reduce the chances of needing expensive repairs. In the event that you do encounter problems with your boiler, bills can mount up very quickly, which is why our boiler care plan is proving more popular than ever.

How much is a boiler care plan?

From just £15 per month, or the cost of a takeaway pizza, you can spread the cost of your annual boiler service and care with no call out charges and guaranteed same-day call out. Whatsmore, you can expect high quality service and job attendance from one of our dedicated engineers.  You can choose to cover your boiler and central heating system for the year in one payment, or spread the cost monthly.

What do the boiler care plans cover?

We have different care plans to meet different budgets and needs.  We are big believers in preventing problems before they occur, which is why our standard boiler service care plan spreads the cost of your annual service, so that your boiler and central heating system can be kept in optimum condition and checked annually.  We’d always recommend future proofing the potential need for costly repairs, which is why, for just £4 per month more, you can rest easy knowing that in the event of a breakdown, your boiler care plan will also cover the cost of parts and labour. 

What types of boiler do the care plans cover?

Our care plans cover gas, oil and LPG boilers, with the additional option to protect your cylinder/header tank. 

My radiators and pipework are old, can I cover that too?

We now offer a full system care plan, which, for just £17 per month will cover your radiators, valves and pipework, in addition to your boiler and the cost of an annual service, which is the package which offers the most cover and the best value for money. 


How do I set up a care plan?

To just double check everything is in order, one of our engineers will need to service your boiler and inspect the system.  We can come at a time and day that is convenient for you, and the cost of this is covered in your plan should you choose to go ahead. You can build your care plan online using our handy tool. 

Can I set up a boiler care plan for tenants?

We offer landlord cover that is perfectly tailored to provide you with the documentation and security you need to ensure your tenants have a well maintained boiler and heating system. Custom Heat boiler service care plans include landlord certificates, safety checks on additional appliances plus your annual boiler service. 

If you select our most popular boiler care plan, you can also relax knowing that your tenants and property will benefit from unlimited call outs and you won’t get hit with excess charges. We’ll guarantee same-day call out so you’ll know your tenants won’t be left in the cold for long. 

Perfect peace of mind during a challenging time

We’re here to help, and our care plans have been designed to ensure our customers can prepare for the worst and expect the best.  What’s more, regularly servicing your boiler will help to drive down the cost of running you home at a time when this has never been more important. You can read more handy tips on combating the cost of living here.

By investing in our care plans you can feel confident that in the event of a breakdown, one of our highly experienced and reputable engineers will be on hand to get your boiler and central heating system back up and running.

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