How much does Air Conditioning really cost?

19th Jul 2022 3 minute read

This week, the mercury is looking to break records in the UK, touching 40 degrees in some parts, and demand for air conditioning installation is high. It’s estimated that there will be a 266% increase in global units sold, and a 185% increase in the EU by 2050. 

With a wider and extremely topical debate around the cost of running, and wider implications of air conditioning on the environment, we’re supplying a handy guide and top tips for your wallet, and the planet. 

So how much does air con cost to install?

It costs, on average, £1,800 for the installation of an air conditioning unit, and for anyone ordering before 3pm, we guarantee an engineer can be out to you the next day, which is great when the temperatures are soaring. 

Can I spread the cost?

Yes, absolutely. We offer a range of payment options, including 0% finance for all air conditioning services and units, making it more affordable than you think. 

The UK is so unpredictable, will my air conditioning unit also heat the room?

Yes. Your air conditioning unit can provide warmth and cooling, giving you control throughout the year. 

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What’s the difference between a freestanding unit and an installed unit?

Installed air conditioning units are kinder to the environment and don’t cost as much to run as most portable units. Wall mounted air conditioning units have a higher cooling power and will work more quickly than a portable unit.  

Portable units are generally cheaper to purchase, but come with much higher running costs – they also take up floor space and tend to only cool smaller spaces. 

Installed units tend to be much more efficient, requiring less energy to cool a space in a faster time than a portable unit. Our air conditioning units are all A++ or A+ energy rated, for additional peace of mind. 

How much will it cost me to run my air conditioning unit?

The air conditioning units that we install cost on average, between 8p and 14p per hour to run, and can cool rooms of most sizes, allowing residents to control the temperature of certain areas of their homes and escape the heat.

To keep running costs to a minimum, it’s important to install a system with the right size and power level for the space. Regular servicing will also help to keep costs down to keep your unit running smoothly. 

How often should an air con unit be serviced?

We recommend that you get your air conditioning unit serviced every year, and keep your vents well cleaned to prevent blockages.  Our friendly and highly experienced engineers offer routine and maintenance services for air conditioning units, even if we haven’t installed them. You can book your service here

Can I control my air conditioning unit from my phone?

Yes, some of our available air conditioning units come with the added feature of smart controls, enabling you to manage the temperature of your room when you’re not there. The Tado Smart AC Control is compatible with most smart home platforms, including Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, enabling voice control.

How can I get air conditioning up and running quickly?

Find out more about our air conditioning services here, and  get a fast and free no obligation quote – and your brand new air conditioning unit could be installed by tomorrow. In the meantime, stay cool and love summer. 

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