Custom Heat Donates Two Units and Fits for Free for Four-Year-Old Jenson!

02nd Aug 2022 3 minute read

Four-Year-Old Boy with 93% Burn Scarring is Finally Comfortable in his Home Thanks to Free of Charge Air Conditioning Installation.

We’ve worked closely with an incredible family, helping to transform four-year-old Jenson Smith’s home life, by sourcing and installing two air conditioning units in his Warwick home.

Jenson climbed into a running hot bath in February 2020 when he was just 19 months old – which resulted in 93 per cent burns to his body as well as bowel failure – and since he was discharged from hospital two years ago, he has suffered terribly in warm and hot weather.

Jenson’s mother and father, Jess Cox and Jason Smith, have been searching for ways to secure funding for air conditioning during this period, but have been unsuccessful. Jess explained: “In the summer months Jenson becomes very itchy and irritable and because he needs to be on his IV feed for 15 hours a night, on a warm day this is difficult for him. On a hot day it’s unbearable and as Jenson is also non-verbal, it’s frustrating for him when he’s unable to express his needs. We know having cool rooms in our home would transform his life, so we’ve explored lots of funding avenues over the last two years, but sadly nobody has been able to help until now.”

The recent heatwave prompted NHS staff who have regular contact with Jenson to come together and ask as many people as possible if they could think of a solution. Word of Jenson’s unbearable situation reached a nurse who lives opposite to our Managing Director, Lincoln Smith.

Upon hearing Jenson’s story, Lincoln immediately said Custom Heat would provide and install two Worcester Bosch air conditioning units free of charge. Liaison began with Orbit immediately and the housing provider fast-tracked approval for one unit to be fitted into Jenson’s bedroom and one in the family living room.

With the units on order, the two-day installation was scheduled for 26 and 27 July. The fit-out went to schedule and Jenson can now look forward to being more comfortable during the day and night.

Lincoln said: “It’s upsetting to think that Jenson has been really suffering for two summers so when I heard about his story there was no doubt in my mind that we would be able to help. The family wanted to prioritise air conditioning in Jenson’s bedroom, but it was obvious that having a cool living room would dramatically improve Jenson’s quality of life on hot days, so we agreed to fund and fit two units. It’s touched a lot of people’s hearts here at Custom Heat and while we couldn’t get the units in time for the sweltering days we’ve recently had, we’re all happy knowing Jenson will be comfortable in the summer for many years to come.”

Jess added: “We almost couldn’t believe it when we heard Custom Heat agreed to install two air conditioning units and we can’t thank them enough for their kindness. It’s such a huge weight off our minds knowing that Jenson won’t have to suffer unnecessarily in the heat anymore. He’s going to be happier and more relaxed when he’s having his IV feed and playing with his brothers, which will make a big difference to his life.”

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