Unlocking a Bright Future – Considering Apprenticeships in Plumbing and Heating Engineering

17th Aug 2023 4 minute read

Highlighting a Career Choice For School Leavers To Help Fill Skills Gap

The boss of a heating, plumbing and electrical firm has reassured school and college leavers that a bright future can be ahead of them if they choose to take up an apprenticeship.

Lincoln Smith, has reassured young people who are facing uncertainties about their future following A Level or GCSE results, that there is a fulfilling career that is waiting for them.

With the demand for skilled plumbers and heating engineers reaching record highs, Custom Heat sees apprenticeships as a promising alternative path for school leavers to make a significant impact while bridging the skills gap in the industry.

According to the UK Trade Skills Index 2023 report the demand for plumbers and heating engineers is projected to soar as trade sector vacancies reach an all-time high. The report highlights that the demand for plumbers is set to rise dramatically, with 70,000 new recruits needed by 2032. 

The report also highlighted that the UK needs a million new recruits in the entire construction and trades sector to keep pace with demand, with almost a quarter of a million needing to be qualified apprentices in order to plug the growing skills gap.

Mr Smith said: “I want to firstly reassure school and college leavers that not achieving the grades they wanted or needed is not the ‘end of the world’ and in fact can be a turning point for many in deciding on a different path in life and choosing to do an apprenticeship. We have had many apprentices through our doors doing the training and going on to have very rewarding careers within the plumbing and heating industry, and we are always on the look-out for the next generation of talent.

“We do however find it worrying to see the increasing demand for skilled plumbers and heating engineers while the number of qualified candidates falls short. At Custom Heat, we have around 10 spaces for apprentices this year, and we are eager to bridge this gap by providing young individuals with the opportunity to embark on a great career in plumbing and heating engineering. Through apprenticeships, we can empower the next generation to fill these crucial roles and contribute to the growth and success of our industry,” he added.

Tynan Jones

A shining example of success is Tynan Jones, a 27-year-old qualified plumbing and heating engineer living in Rugby. 

Tynan’s journey began after leaving school with poor GCSE results. Eager to explore a career that piqued his interest, he attended an open day at Rugby College, where he discovered the apprenticeship program offered by Custom Heat. Recognising his potential, Lincoln offered him an apprenticeship with the company.

Throughout the three-year college course for his apprenticeship, Tynan honed his skills and knowledge in plumbing and heating engineering. Custom Heat provided him with a supportive environment to grow and succeed. 

Lincoln said: “I always remember Tynan coming into the office for his interview and he was such a bright and polite lad that I knew he would go far and work hard. And he has proven me right. He has worked for us since August 2015 and he has gone from strength-to-strength.”

Now, as a qualified plumbing and heating engineer, Tynan has achieved great success. 

His career has allowed him to take significant steps in life, including recently purchasing his first house and stepping onto the housing ladder. 

Tynan said: “ I really recommend the apprenticeship route to anyone interested in plumbing and heating engineering, as the decision has truly paid off for me.

“To anyone leaving school without the grades they wanted, I want them to know there is always an option as long as you are willing to work for it. You can start your rewarding career without the financial stress, get qualified to work and learn skills for life. It was the right decision for me. It’s paid off.”

Custom Heat’s success stories like Tynan’s demonstrate that apprenticeships offer young individuals an excellent opportunity to build a fulfilling career and secure their future. By embracing this alternative path, young people can acquire valuable skills, gain hands-on experience, and make a real difference in a thriving industry.

For more information about apprenticeship opportunities, visit: https://customheat.co.uk/careers/

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